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The Idea

From Deborah Newman

So moving to the Northern Neck of Virginia has been one of the best experiences ever, BUT finding services and businesses has been challenging. Are they good? Are they bad?

I joined many Facebook groups supporting Northern Neck Businesses and would read all the content on a daily basis but there is such a large variation of opinions its hard to decide.

I had to have my HVAC serviced because it stopped working on a 105 degree day and called a local company and begged them to come and help me with a promise I would write a great review.

They were able to send out a tech within two hours, he fixed the issue, was super nice and professional explaining everything that was happening and I was so happy and knew I needed to keep my word.

So I wrote a Google Review with photos and not only posted it on Google but also on all the local Facebook groups I could find. The response was overwhelmingly positive for this company and I thought wouldn't it be great to actually meet these business owners and learn about their services.

I work with Janice, the Owner of The Arts Center of Montross and had a meeting the day after. I was telling her how hard it was to connect with other businesses and she felt the same as a resident and a business owner in Montross. Then the light bulb went off. Why not start a networking group whose mission is to introduce businesses to each other, pass around business cards and meetup at their businesses to learn and experience what they do.

I would love to walk into a winery, a brewery, an office, a store and meet the owner, take a tour, purchase a product if applicable and meet other business owners.

So welcome to Northern Neck Networking. A online portal and networking group free to all businesses located in the Northern Neck!


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