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About the Founders of NNN

This networking group was created by two women who have businesses in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Deborah Newman, Owner of Petite Taway and Janice Jones, Owner of The Arts Center of Montross and J. Jones Art Consultant met at an exhibition at the The Artists' Alliance of Colonial Beach.  Deborah was hired to redesign the Alliance website and Janice had an idea to open up an arts center in Montross, and a partnership began.

They have been working on various projects in the area and both realized they wanted to meet more businesses and really have a group that focused on networking and self promotion. If small businesses supported small businesses what a powerhouse they would be. This website portal and the monthly meetups will hopefully grow and we look forward to meeting all of you! Membership is strictly limited to business in the following Virginia Counties: Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmorland and King George.

From Janice

"When The Arts Center was just an idea and I was talking with the Town officials, I realized that I did not know many of the business owners.  The Center has been open for a little more than a year, I am working toward meeting others but have many yet to meet.  I am certain that many of them like me, I know are interested in promoting their business and networking to gain promotional strength in numbers.  Having had other brick and mortar businesses I understand the importance and the value of working with others.


It is our goal to first have a few meet and greets so we can  get to know each other.  Then we can work toward determining how we can work together and to grow our vision throughout the Northern Neck. I am very happy that Deb Newman and I are partnering as I feel that between the two of us, we bring a wide range of experiences which we can share with others and help grow this group into becoming a voice for businesses in our area."

From Deborah

"I have been doing business in the area for over a two years, working on the Virginia Osprey Festival, The Arts Center of Montross, The Artist's Alliance of Colonial Beach, and Downtown Colonial Beach and fell in love with the Northern Neck. I moved here May 1st and realized I was a babe in the woods when looking for businesses and services that I needed. I also love networking and have grown my own business by meeting others and after meeting with various small businesses in the area, I knew I needed to create a group that helped promote all Northern Neck Businesses while being able to promote our own businesses. I want to gain new clients and I want other businesses to be able to do the same. WE all can learn from each other, tips and tools to help our businesses grow. So  I hope that through our meetups we can all meet our local business owners and refer, refer, refer them to all who may need them in the Northern Neck and beyond!!"

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